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Put your business on the map.

Connect to your customers through digital marketing and social media platforms.

Simple Marketing Strategies for Small Agriculture Businesses

Website Design

What do your customers see when the look for you online? Build a strong base to retain customers in the digital age. This is the first place people go when looking for more about you. Does your website represent who you are, what you do, and why it’s important to your customer base? I will design and build a website that is easy for your customers, and potential customers to navigate and reflective of who you are as a business!

Build a Social Media Base

Over 50% of farmers use social media as a way to learn, share ideas, and find companies. Can they find yours? I will help build and guide you through connecting with your customers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Blog and Email Marketing

Blogging isn’t just for the home designers and food bloggers. Customers connect with information you are learning and can share with them. I will teach you what and when to share blog posts to connect with your customer base.

Logo Development

We will work with you to develop a logo that fits the style and feel of your business to use across all your branding and marketing platforms. A good logo is an essential part of your branding strategy! This is how people will recognize you!

Custom Marketing Strategies

Looking for some new promotional materials? A brochure, business cards, stickers? Maybe a promotional video showcasing your team? A script for a radio spot? I will develop custom marketing strategies that are a perfect fit for your business!

What People Are Saying

“Heartland Ag Consulting has made a substantial improvement in our website design and internet marketing strategies.  Rachel replaced an outdated platform with a user-friendly version, appealing to the online customer.  She was mindful of our “old-fashioned” service ethic, yet developed a social media strategy in keeping with our business image.  We’ve documented increased requests for information and quotes for our product.  Rachel has a calm and logical method of teaching our staff how to personally update the website and use social media, getting us linked with a whole new customer base. "

— Gamagrass Seed Company

"Rachel created and maintains our website and social media presence for Pederson Seed & Services, Inc.  Our website looks sharp, professional and is easy to navigate.  We can send her photos or ask her to discuss a topic and she will turn the initial thought into a well developed story that gets our point across. The content of the articles posted are well researched, accurate and enjoyable to read.  Rachel often suggests different ways to reach our customers and has good ideas. I appreciate knowing that our website and media presence is in good hands and taken care of by Rachel. I highly recommend her.” 

— Wendy Pederson, Pederson Seed and Services

Whether you think you can, or think you can't-you're right.

What is your highest vision for your business? We can help get you there through simple marketing strategies fit for a small agriculture business like yours.


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